Sheri Farinha for

NAD President 2012


Yes! We Can, We Will!

"Promote, Protect and Preserve Deaf Civil, Human and Linguistic Rights"


NAD belongs to E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!
Says Who? Says Sheri Farinha
Candidate for NAD President
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Savvy with Legislative Processes and Mutual Goals

Heart and Soul for NAD & Deaf Community

Experience and Expertise in Access, Education, Employment & Empowerment

Responsibility & Responsiveness

Integrity, Credibility, & Fairness


Yes We Can, Together!
And We Will, Together!
The NAD is YOU!

In collaboration with the CEO of NAD, and in alignment with the 2012 NAD Conference Mandates, the following are goals I will pursue when elected President of NAD:


Overarching Goals:
  • Fortify the Heart & Soul of the NAD and its Mission as a Civil Rights Organization
  • Preserve, Protect and Promote Respect and Rights for All Deaf Americans
  • Advocate for Equality and Quality of Life: Access, ASL, Education, Employment and Community
  • Strengthen Relationships among State Associations & Affiliates, Diverse Organizations, Allies and Constituents towards achieving Mutual Goals
  • Ensure growth in Memberships, Alliances, and Resources
Enhance Processes which will:
  • Support effective collaborations for success with NAD Headquarters, Board, and Key Diverse Deaf Stakeholders, in groups and in virtual communities of shared interests
  • Ensure open, inclusive and transparent processes for frequent communications and effective, broad-based participation
  • Develop and nurture key relationships with the White House, Congress, and Government Entities with effective leaders and expanded networks, based on Conference priorities and needs