Sheri Farinha for

NAD President 2012

"Of, By and For Deaf Americans"

Leadership Commentary

“A new format for declaring, campaigning and creating maximum visibility when running for national office in the Deaf community has been unveiled and it holds great promise leading to the election of outstanding leaders. Way to go, Sheri!”

Robert Davila

Former President, Gallaudet University



"I've worked with Sheri Ann Farinha when she led the Deaf Education Coalition, bringing together twenty three organizations that represented Deaf and hard of hearing consumers to push the Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights through our state legislature. Her political savvy, and her ability to collaborate with staff at the state legislative level has always awed me.

Here at the California Department of Education, she chaired the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Task Force, making recommendations to the Department and the state about appropriately serving students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.


Many years ago, when I worked in a public school program, Sheri helped the parents of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students advocate for the preservation of our regional program, which was being threatened with closure by school administrators.  The way she was able to organize and empower the parents, who spoke many different languages, and came from very diverse backgrounds, was truly amazing.  I have always had great admiration for Sheri, and wish her the best in her campaign."

Nancy Sager

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs Consultant

California Department of Education



“We need a fresh face, fresh ideas, and fresh attitude... That's you Sheri, Good Luck!”

Donna Kissinger



"Leadership has been described as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. That describes Sheri Ann Farinha and her approach perfectly whether she is leading an agency, organization, task force, rally, protest or any other form of groups. As a leader Sheri uses her passion, persistence, and drive to achieve the goals and dreams of her community. People may disagree with Sheri, they may not like her approach, but there has never been a question of her ability to influence and push for change. For that Sheri has gained the respect of many. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for the NAD presidency as a friend and colleague of more than 25 years."

Timothy Beatty




"Sheri is clearly a genuinely gifted candidate with excellent vision, excellent knowledge of NAD, excellent strategic planning, excellent negotiating power, excellent leadership, to name a few (skills). I do hope she will be elected as NAD President."

Armand G. Brennan

Ontario, Canada



“Sheri Ann Farinha  has proven to be that Leader. Her leadership records are undisputed with unprecedented successes. I have never meet Ms. Farinha personally but I have always felt the consciousness of her support and understanding of diversity. During the 2006 Protest, Ms. Farinha stood by me – supporting my right to air my dissensions. She has proven to be fair minded person who I am confident will unite the dividing American Deaf Community.”

David King

Washington, DC

Sheri Ann Farinha will be an excellent NAD President, and working with U.S. legislators, will serve well on behalf of all US citizens.   Sheri is a great role model and is civically responsible as a global citizen. Sheri and Howard are a dynamic duo that will effectively capture the attention of state and U.S. legislators on Capitol Hill, as Sheri has captured my eyes.  As North America's only former elected Parliamentary member, I have every confidence in the NAD delegates to elect Sheri as their next and best NAD President who will serve well in the USA & globally.

Gary Malkowski

Formerly Canada's only Deaf Parliamentarian